Since 1952, Our Journey In Business

Mr. David Payne started Muzicraft in 1952 in Santa Barbara, California.  With a population around 45,000, Mr. Payne introduced MUZAK to Southern California.  I’m sure you know the term Muzak now, but please remember that the term Muzak wasn’t trademarked until two years later in 1954!  Additionally, Muzak wasn’t anything close to the music we here from MOOD, today.  The music was programmed in 15-minute blocks, gradually getting faster in tempo and louder and brassier in instrumentation, to encourage workers to speed up their pace. Following the completion of a 15-minute segment, the music would fall silent for 15 minutes. This was partly done for technical reasons, but company-funded research also showed that alternating music with silence limited listener fatigue, and made the “stimulus” effect of Stimulus Progression more effective.




Sound Engineering

Since 1952

Founded in 1952

With over sixty years of experience, we are the oldest family run MUZAK / MOOD Media franchise in the world. David Payne founded MUZICRAFT in 1952 and at 83 years young, he continues to show that customer service doesn’t come in the form of an email but a personal visit.

We have proudly provided MUZAK on everything from reel to reel machines, phones lines, subcarrier radio stations, CD, satellite to now internet and streaming products. We have seen and done it all.


And Today…

David, his daughter Deena, and their staff work diligently to set the standard on quality workmanship, commercial and professional products, and business integrity.

Small business. Medium business. National brands and global enterprises. Whatever the size, MUZICRAFT brings 64+ years of experience with in-store music and audio visual system design to optimize your workplace and customer experience. Fashion retail. Specialty retail. Restaurant. Hospitality. Medical. Dental. Spas and salons and more. MUZICRAFT has done it all and we will do it for you.

Relationships with our customers has always been the joy in our business. We have an open door policy with every customer, old and new.  We invite you to be part of our 64+ year journey!  Please stop by.