Large to small, K-12 to University Size, Muzicraft Sound Engineering is a leading provider of audio visual solutions for schools. We offer a wide range of products and services to help you create a learning environment that is both engaging and inspiring.


Control your bell schedule like never before

Whether you want to set it and forget it or take a hands-on approach, MUZICRAFT has you covered with unmatched variety of bell and PA systems that are perfect for schools of all sizes. Our systems are easy to use and maintain, and they provide clear and consistent audio throughout your school.

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User-Friendly Interface

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Our classroom Smartboards are the perfect way to engage students and make learning more interactive. Our Smartboards are easy to use and they offer a variety of features that can help students learn more effectively.


School AV can enhance the student learning experience in a variety of ways. Interactive displays can help students learn more effectively by allowing them to interact with content in a hands-on way. Digital signage can be used to deliver important information to students in a visually appealing and engaging way. Audiovisual equipment can be used to enhance lectures and presentations, making them more informative and enjoyable. Recording and playback technology can be used to capture lectures and presentations so that students can review them later. Streaming media can be used to deliver educational content to students online, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Custom PA and bells schedules can also help to improve the student learning experience. For example, a custom PA system can be used to deliver announcements and instructions to students in a clear and concise way. This can help to keep students organized and on track. A custom bells schedule can also help to ensure that students are able to make the most of their time in the classroom. For example, a custom bells schedule can be used to create breaks between classes so that students can have time to get up and move around.

By incorporating school AV and custom PA and bells schedules into their learning environment, schools can create a more engaging and effective learning experience for their students.

95% of schools state that the proper technology is key to the learning experience

Custom PA systems and bells schedules can help improve the student learning experience by keeping students organized and on track, and ensuring they make the most of their time in the classroom.- Multiple Programming Options, Simple Scheduling
– Clear announcements
– Organized students
– Efficient use of time
– Better learning experience

We offer a complete line of sound system and visuals solutions for school auditoriums. Our systems are designed to provide clear and powerful sound, as well as stunning visuals that will make your auditorium a show-stopping venue.
– Improved student learning
– Increased school spirit
– Attract more visitors
– Boost school enrollment

Our classroom Smartboards and school digital signage solutions are the perfect way to engage students, staff, and parents. Our Smartboards are easy to use and they offer a variety of features that can help students learn more effectively. Our digital signage solutions are also easy to use and they can be used to display a variety of information, including announcements, calendars, and news.
– Engage students
– Make learning more interactive
– Communicate with stakeholders
– Display important information



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