December 21, 2022 Austen Thompson

What is Digital Signage, and how can it help you?

Digital Signage: Video Wall at Polo

What is Digital Signage

Digital signage is the use of screens to convey a message. Common examples include video walls, digital menu boards, in-store advertisements, and informational displays.

Example of a Digital Menu

How can it help you?

The average American spends about 60% of their day looking at screens. We look at screens because they catch our attention with movement or attractive images. When someone walks into your establishment, you want to grab them away from their phones and to your product. The best way to do this is with Digital Signage.

At Muzicraft, we not only provide the hardware and software, but we provide custom content tailored to your business. We create 3D and 2D animation to make your logo or menu pop. We also update it to keep your screens fresh.

Want an even more customized experience? You can have your items professionally photographed in a studio or have our videographer come out and do a custom shoot with your business.

You need additional screens? No problem, our certified technicians are here to install and service your screens.

Contact us today for custom digital signage installation and content.

Example of a Video Wall


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