March 20, 2016
December 28, 2015

Create a Welcoming and Memorable Experience for Customers

In the California COVID-19 business environment, we smell FEAR from our customers as they express concern over sharing air space with others. How do we create experiences for our customers while addressing this elephant in the room?

With hundreds of customized scents available to our customers, we are proud to announce the creation of “fresh and clean” scents branded specifically to combat customer fear.

Studies have always shown that effective use of scent can drive sales, loyalty and satisfaction in your business. Creating these COVID-19-free experiences is an added (fearless) solution that we are proud to provide our existing and new customers.

No matter the industry or audience, scent plays a significant role in transforming perceptions and affecting the experience people have. As many as 70% of people experience emotions on a daily basis driven solely by what they smell.

Muzicraft organizations of all kinds explore the possibilities of scent-based solutions to brand awareness, customer loyalty, and revenue generation. Together, Muzicraft partners with clients to develop a so-called scent strategy with the latest technology delivery systems and custom fragrances that capture the essence of your brand.

Improve Brand Awareness and Loyalty with Scent

Scent is most closely tied to memory and emotion. When associated with a brand, a positive scent leads to increased sales and revenue, along with long-term recall effects that improve loyalty among customers.

Muzicraft works with health-care organizations, restaurants, and other businesses to develop a programmable system that generates a fitting scent that will make people feel at home or more relaxed during their visit.

Get Started with a Scent Strategy

Learn more about how MUZICRAFT can help improve brand awareness and customer loyalty by contacting us here.


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With literally hundreds of different fragrances to choose from, Muzicradt can capture the very essence of your organization and translate it into a positive scent.


Muzicraft works with clients to develop a custom scent design to create an welcoming and positive atmosphere for visitors and customers.


Using the most advanced delivery technologies available, Muzicraft ensures its clients have the perfect environment.

Of people experience emotions driven by scent on a daily basis.


Of people can recall what they saw after only a month.


Of people can recall a smell after one year.

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