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Creating a Safe, Positive Patient Experience in Any Healthcare Setting

Everyone shares the common experience of sitting in the waiting room of an urgent care center, doctor’s office or hospital – or we’ve visited a relative at a senior care facility. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think of these experiences? After having a broken bone set, or visiting a grandparent, the most common memory most people cite is what the environment smelled like to them.

There is no shortage of smells in most medical environments. At hospitals, the first thing that may come to mind is antiseptic, a scent that, for many, produces thoughts of negative experiences. Thoughts of an assisted care facility may produce memories that include smells of cafeteria food or another unpleasant odor. The good news is that healthcare facilities can take action to deliver scents that create positive experiences and even make people feel more secure.

The average person is 100x more likely to remember what he or she smelled versus what is seen, heard or touched in any consumer experience. An article in Scientific American suggests scent has the power to create both positive and negative memories. “Clinical case studies have linked smells to strong negative emotions, a connection which can play a significant role in contributing to posttraumatic stress disorder.”  

With this in mind, hospitals, clinics, and any physical location that delivers healthcare services to consumers, can take basic, low-cost measures to create a positive experience for their clients – a positive sensory experience that pairs well with exceptional service and patient outcomes.

A fresh, clean scent (not a stale antiseptic odor) can help healthcare organizations as they see consumers – especially during a global pandemic, when healthcare engagement is at an all-time high. ScentAir helps improve each interaction with a healthcare consumer. Through commercial-grade fragrances that diffuse over time and provide rich, even coverage, a healthcare facility can create an immersive, memorable and pleasant customer experience. Individuals leave with an experience they associate with a fresh, clean environment – which can even enhance confidence levels in the care they have received.

Using scent at your care facility, medical clinic or hospital has a variety of upside. At Muzicraft Sound Engineering we are proud to assist these efforts with onsite programmers to make sure your facility has the right scent at the right time. You can even provide consumers with different scents during different times of the day (day parting). We customize to  your needs!

Prices range from just $89 -$200.00 a month, including unit, day parting, maintenance and service. Call us today for a free appointment to customize your brand by SCENT! – 805 981-9031. Contact us



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