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4 Reasons Why Music Can Get You Business

Have you ever tried to watch a movie with just the dialogue?  Or gone into a store and had no background music?  Or tried to just dance without any beat?  Obviously, you have done something along those lines.  We all have noticed the absence of music somewhere in our lives.  With the constant advances in technology, it has gotten to the point where there is no excuse for not listening to our favorite songs while driving cross-country, or not having our best playlist going for a weekend get-together.  So why not let those advances improve our business?  Music is a powerful tool not only in our personal lives but also in our business world.  Business music has made such an impact on Wall Street that some of the most common playlists on music services are inspired by Starbucks, Holster, and Quicksilver just to name a few.  Still not convinced?  Here are 4 reasons why music can change your business.

1.  Music Eases Pain
If you have a business that is involved somehow in self-care (nail salon, massages, sauna) music can be a key tool to how your product actually works.  Don’t believe me?  Just click here.  Music can ease the pain in any situation and make stressful situations seem less stressful.  Of course, it all depends on the type of music that you play and how you play it.  A great sound system is key to getting the music across to your customers and so is a calm soothing playlist to help them start the relaxation process.

2.  Music Can Give You More Energy
Almost the exact opposite of #1, music can give you and your customers more energy.  If you own a gym, cross-fit training facility, or any type of business where the-more-energy-your-customers-have-the-better-your-business-does then you need to have a great sound system and some pump-up music on 24/7.  Just like slower tempos are proven to relax, the more upbeat tempos are proven to give you energy.  

Like the graph above says if you are listening to jazz while you train for your half-marathon, I hate to tell you, you aren’t going to do too well.  The numbers below each genre are BPM, so the better the tempo the higher your heart rate goes.  Use the graph above to help decide where your business is in terms of how much energy your customer needs.

3.  Gives An Idea of Your Business

Think about the music you hear when you go in a PacSun.  Now think about the music you hear when you go into a Starbucks.  Very different right?  Music has the power to label your company and help project that label to your target market.  I personally love the music of PacSun, and coincidentally I love shopping at PacSun.  I feel like their clothes go hand in hand with how I want to look.  When I walk into the store I hear about half the songs on my personal playlist playing over the speakers.  Do your customers think the same thing?  Do you have music that is tailored specifically to your business?  Or are you just using the top 40 playlists and changing that out every week?

4.  It Can Create an Atmosphere

Let’s keep going with the Starbucks analogy.  The music represents the brand, but why do people love to be in Starbucks?  Why is it a place to gather and meet up?  The music creates a great atmosphere to get together.  Think of how awesome it is when your favorite song comes on at the bowling alley.  Or at the bar?  Music can create a very welcoming environment where it doesn’t matter what kind of day you have had, it just matters if you are ready to have some fun.

These are just the four basic points on why music can help your business.  Let us know how music has helped you grow your client base!  Brand enhancement through commercial music programming is what Muzicraft has committed to for over 64 years.  We deliver the music right to your business through excellence in service and quality given by our Muzicraft Sound Engineering team.  If you are looking for a company that gives you music that produces results straight to the bottom line, congratulations, you have found us!  Utilizing professional sound designs from BOSE, Klipsch, and other system leaders allows Muzicraft to design a unique sound that matches your brand.  We can guarantee you won’t find that anywhere else.

We at Muzicraft only want the best for your business.  You might be asking yourself, why not just play an iPod or MP3 player in the back of the store?  Well to that I would say if you are selling shirts, would you want to sell shirts that matched the brand and what you stood for?  Or would you just sell the first shirt you found?   Music and business are the same way.  We want your music and brand to match.  That’s why at Muzicraft all of the music is screened to match your brand.  It is also screened to be appropriate for all ages so you don’t lose any customers.  A small slip-up in language could cost you your next sale.  We even make sure the songs are programmed to the time of day and demographic you want to reach.  Feel free to check out the rest of our site and see how Muzicraft can make your business exactly what you dreamed it would be.  You never know what you’re missing in life until you get to the other side.



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