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4 Ways Security Cameras Can Strengthen Your Business

We have all seen them.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes they follow you and sometimes they stand still.  Know what I am referring to yet?  Security Cameras.  Not too long ago security cameras were just used for million-dollar houses and extremely upscale businesses, but in our day and age the price of security cameras has gone down because the necessity of them has gone up.

Although the thought that people are great and no one would ever intentionally hurt other remains at the forefront of our minds, the reality of the matter is that we live in a world where people jump at the opportunity to move forward in life at the expense of others.  Whether it be from stealing to injuring others to committing fraud in some way, security cameras can keep everything in check.  Here are the top 4 reasons why security cameras can not only keep you safe but also strengthen your business and employees.

  1.  Decrease Theft

Although not a guarantee, a security camera is the first thing thieves look at before pulling off a big heist.  If they are present that is a huge roadblock for them to overcome.  Security cameras cannot be present everywhere in the store, so even just one or two limit the amount of space for them to work their magic.  It is also great to discourage employee theft.  In a perfect world that would never be a worry, but as a manager, you have to sometimes consider the worst.  Everyone thinks twice when the camera is watching.

2.  Monitor Employee Work Ethic

It’s nice to have a camera for theft, but it is also nice to see what your employees do when the boss isn’t around.  You might be in a situation where as a manager you cannot be present and don’t have anyone to fill in for you.  Have no fear, because in our day you can monitor your employee’s performance remotely.  Even from your phone.  You don’t always have to keep track of the bad things too.  If you see an employee going above and beyond on the camera, it would be a great compliment to let them know you noticed even when you weren’t there.

3.  Increase Safety/Employee Safety

When thinking of a security camera the first thought is always safety for yourself.  But have you ever thought that having a security camera can make your employees feel safer?  If you own a business where nights get late when your final employees are leaving, it will be music to your employee’s ears to hear if you have a security camera that goes out to where they park.  This in turn will make people want to work for you more.  If you are willing to put the money in for their safety, that is the first sign of showing them that their work is important to you and they aren’t just a placeholder.

4.  Gets the Story Straight

As a business owner if you had a dollar for every time someone accused you of not giving them what they wanted you wouldn’t be a business owner anymore.  You would be on a beach somewhere laughing at the previous three points because you don’t have to worry about them anymore! But chances are you are still reading this.  And that still happens.  Security cameras can set the record straight.  Whether it be from food they never got, to a pair of socks they thought was in their bag, so employees saying they never received their check, the cameras knows and sees all.  It also makes you look great because you’ll actually have some evidence to back you up when you start saying you gave them the item all along.

Do you have cameras in your business?  How have they helped you?  Here at Muzicraft we only install the best software and cameras for you.  We have countless stories of cameras that we have installed to deter theft, vandalism, unwanted visitors, and more.



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