September 2, 2022 Mathew

Digital Signage the Correct Way

The Current Way without Digital Signage

When you first walk into a restaurant you work to decide what you want to eat. You stare at the menu weighing the pros and cons of each menu choice.  Many times the menu is only words to describe what they are selling or there is a picture here and there. Sometimes you have to imagine what it looks like, or look at an awful picture of the food in order to see what you will be getting. Other times there are too many pictures all at once and you cannot figure out what is what. This makes it so you either have to make an educated guess or you decide to go next door to a place you trust.

A Better Way!

However, there are those other restaurants that have animation and video of their food items constantly streaming across their menu. Such as chocolate being drizzled on top of ice cream. Or freshly baked popcorn filling up a giant tub. These images will help you visualize how amazing it will be to have these items. There are details that make each item seem so tasty. Those places use what is called Digital Signage. Digital signage enhances your menu to make your food more desirable and easier to choose from. Here are some examples of how professional your business will look when you enhance it with digital signage!

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