MUZICRAFT creates and custom CRAFTS experiences with sight, sound and yes… scent!

Studies show that effective use of scent can drive sales, loyalty and satisfaction in your business. Creating experiences is an added solution that MUZICRAFT can create for your business.

No matter the industry or audience, scent plays a significant role in transforming perceptions and affecting the experience people have. As many as 70% of people experience emotions on a daily basis driven solely by what they smell.


Scent is most closely tied to memory and emotion. When associated with a brand, a positive scent leads to increased sales and revenue, along with long-term recall effects that improve loyalty among customers.

MUZICRAFT works with healthcare organizations, restaurants, and other businesses to develop a programmable system that generates a fitting scent that will make people feel at home or more relaxed during their visit.



With literally hundreds of different fragrances to choose from, MUZICRAFT can capture the very essence of your organization and translate it into a positive scent.


MUZICRAFT will work with your business to develop a custom scent design to create a welcoming and positive atmosphere for visitors and customers.


Using the most advanced delivery technologies available, Muzicraft ensures its clients have the perfect environment.

70% of people experience emotions driven by scent on a daily basis.

40% of people can recall what they saw after only a month.

60% of people can recall a smell after ONE year.

CASE STUDY | ION Protect Air Purifying System


ScentAir® Launches ION Protect Air Purifying System



Charlotte, NC – Dec. 14, 2020 – In time for the holiday season, ScentAir the global leader in scent marketing, today announced the launch of ScentAir® ION Protect active air purifying systems, using patented GPS® Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization® (NPBI) technology. The patented needlepoint bipolar ionization indoor air purifying technology has been tested to confirm a 99.8% reduction rate on a static SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) surface strain within 30 minutes, plus many other common airborne pathogens such as Norovirus, MRSA, E. Coli, Staph Bacteria and more. 

“ScentAir® ION Protect active air purifying systems work to safely clean the air inside buildings of many sizes and types. This technology can give business owners comfort and peace of mind, knowing they are doing everything they can to help their customers and employees feel safer this holiday season. And feel safer as they return to work or venture out for shopping and festivities with loved ones,” said Logan Andres, Vice President of Products & Marketing, ScentAir.

Unlike common air purifiers that passively wait for harmful particles to run through them, ScentAir® ION Protect purifiers seek out pollutants in the air. The patented NPBI technology releases positive & negative ions into the air to actively combat airborne health hazards.  

“We wanted to ensure the highest safety standards for our customers and spent time researching best-in-class air purification technology,” said Andres. “We are excited to bring-to-market a product lineup that not only cleans the air but does so safely and naturally without producing Ozone or other harmful byproducts, so you can bring outdoor freshness indoors to your offices, retail shops and medical facilities.” 

Key Benefits of the ION Protect, include:

Reduces harmful pathogens in the air (Ex. COVID-19): During the NPBI process, contact with ions disrupts pathogens’ surface proteins, rendering them inactive and unable to replicate. 

Targets particles (Ex. smoke, dust, pollen): When ions disperse throughout a space, such as in an office building or a retail shop, they combine with particles suspended in the air. This creates a snowball effect in which particles of opposite polarities begin to cluster together, which makes them easier to capture in filtration systems.

Neutralizes Odors: The ScentAir ION Protect breaks down odors, such as those in restaurants or medical offices, into basic harmless compounds, removing malodors and harmful volatile organic compound (VOC’s) leaving indoor air smelling fresh.

Saves Energy: By keeping indoor air cleaner, the ScentAir ION Protect reduces the amount of air required from outside to keep things fresh — saving businesses and franchises initial ventilation equipment costs and up to 30 percent on energy consumption.

The new ScentAir® ION Protect active air purifying systems, using patented GPS® Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization®, is available in three models: ION Pure, ION Defend and the ION Target. To find out which model is right for your business, visit our ION Protect page.

Senior Living:

Scent marketing is a powerful tool to help senior living communities establish stronger relationships with residents, prospects, and families.   

Home will be many places throughout our lives. But its comfort can be found in places we never expect. Scent makes it easy to reimagine the meaning of home. Provide comfort to residents. Make move-in day easier. Reassure families and prospects.  

With ScentAir, Senior Living Communities Can Enhance Feelings Of Stability With A Consistent Atmosphere. 

Differentiate Your Community  

Surpass the competition and convert more into residents  


Improve Resident Satisfaction up to 20% 

Grow and keep your census rate high.  


Offer Comfort & Stability Like No Other

Create a calming space that reassures families and makes residents feel at home 


Foster Great Relationships 

Improve Mood and bypass the challenges of forming fast rapport 


State Survey Permitted  

Used in common areas and consistent across business hours


University Hospital Brussels Profile


Reduce patient anxiety and make the hospital feel more comfortable for everyone. Banish the distinctly sterile scent common in hospitals. 


Cheerful, fresh scents diffused using ScentDirect scent delivery systems in 6 key locations around the hospital. 


Patients and staff enjoy the experience created by the hospital scent. Hospital staff has noticed that patients are more relaxed.

Medical Offices:

Significantly reduce cancelations. And cut back patient attrition. Scent marketing creates an outstanding patient experience. Calm and comfort patients from the moment they enter your practice. Nervous patients remember the medical practices that make them feel most comfortable. A calming practice does double duty—empower your staff to work better under pressure.


Scent is a critical component of the guest experience, and at a bare minimum you should leverage clean and refreshing fragrances throughout your property to help complement the look and feel of the experience you’re aiming to create.

That said, Scent Marketing does much more than simply smell nice to your guests. The fact is that our sense of smell is tied to memory and emotion more than any other sense. With thoughtful use of Scent Marketing in various areas your property, you can directly appeal to your guests’ emotions and ensure that they associate the memory of a great hotel stay with your fragrance. Some Scent providers can even help you create a signature fragrance to make your guest experience even more unique.

Additionally, you can also take a “billboard” approach to drive traffic to your restaurant or café. You can introduce the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning and afternoon, or extend the scent of hickory smoke at night to stimulate appetite and promote your dinner entrees, for example.

Scent Marketing truly is a powerful and versatile tool for enhancing the guest experience. Scent experts can help you find the right fragrances and diffusion systems for your brand and your property.

The Unexpected Advantage That Delivers the Best in Guest Experiences

Scent marketing is a powerful tool to help hotel and resort managers increase guest satisfaction by creating a welcoming atmosphere.  

In hospitality, it’s all about the experience. Getting the atmosphere right is the first step in creating outstanding guest experiences that breed enduring memories. With fragrance, your hotel becomes more than just a place to stay. It becomes an experience.

Make lasting impressions. Connect with guests emotionally to inspire strong bonds and brand loyalty. Create an experience guest want to return to again and again.  

With ScentAir, Hotels And Resorts Can Make The Most Of Every Interaction. 

Westin Hotels & Resorts:

With more than 120 locations, Westin Hotels & Resorts offer guests artfully designed properties in the world’s most exciting destinations. By utilizing the power of scent marketing along with a branded fragrance, they’ve taken the idea of sensory branding to new heights.


There are more than 120 Westin properties, including 30 of the world’s finest resorts. Each serve as a serene and distinctive alternative for those who appreciate a higher standard. All the Westin Hotels & Resorts are architecturally inspiring, thoughtfully designed and located in the world’s most exciting cities and sumptuous resort destinations. The addition of a custom developed signature fragrance completes the full sensory approach that Westin takes when greeting their guests.


Strategically positioned at entrances to greet guests as they arrive, ScentWave scent delivery systems offer a light and refreshing White Tea welcome in Westin hotels worldwide. Westin has taken the idea of sensory branding and signature scent to a whole new level. They now offer candles, oils and even a home version of the ScentWave system to consumers; all of which deliver their custom developed White Tea fragrance.  

A Field Study 

Conducted in a thesis for Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, examined fragrance use in hotels. Researchers tested the ability of ambient scent to create a positive first impression in an urban hotel. The results found that a fragrance matching a hotel’s brand identity generates more favorable brand associations from guests. Guests report higher perceptions of comfort and cleanliness. Plus, they report feeling more eager to spread the word about the hotel.  

Skyrocket Guest Satisfaction Scores

Higher occupancy rates. More loyal guest. Better online reviews 


Positively Influence Customer Perceptions 

Craft a powerful and authentic brand identity that drives emotional connections 


Complete the Look & Feel of Your Lobby  

Own every detail of your guest experience   


Differentiate Your Space 

Brand notoriety so strong, guests know you by scent alone   


Improve Perceptions of Cleanliness 

Highlight your commitment to cleanliness with the intuitive cue of fresh scent 


Foster Outstanding Customer Service 

Improve Mood and bypass the challenges of forming fast rapport  


Total Control with Connected Technology 

Monitor and adjust your hotel atmosphere, right in the palm of your hand


After years of working with ScentAir in both their test restaurants and the restaurants of their clients, the Livit team has identified the most profitable and strategic uses for fragrance.  They have marked success in using scent in 4 key ways:

-Driving traffic by diffusing fragrance near entrances to attract customers

-Driving product sales by diffusing fragrances that align with promoted products in dining areas

-Enhancing perceptions of cleanliness by diffusing fresh scents

-Brand awareness and familiarity by consistently diffusing a scent that makes customers feel close and comfortable with the brand.

Frites Atelier Restaurant Profile


Create an atmosphere fit for a 5-star restaurant and remove the smell of cooking oil from the space. 


Tactically placed ScentDirect systems combined with a well-chosen fragrance that aligns with the Frites Atelier menu. 


Frites Atelier customers enjoy their snacks in a space that feels as high end as the food.

ScentAir, the Livit team has had great success tempting pedestrians and pulling in street traffic. 

According to the Livit team, scent deployed at restaurant doorways is a powerful tactic that can draw crowds for locations in walkable downtown areas.

When one of their clients, a major pancake chain, wanted to work on generating more street traffic, they immediately turned to ScentAir. Using the scent of pure maple syrup near their entrance, they deployed a scent marketing program that showed a measurable increase in customers from street traffic.

Livit has also found success driving sales on particular menu items by deploying congruent scents. Their team measured the sale of pizza while diffusing the warm scent of a woodfired oven and compared their data to the sale of salads while diffusing the scent of fresh basil.

Turn New Customers into Regulars

Scent marketing is a powerful tool to help restaurants differentiate themselves with a captivating dining atmosphere. Give customers the outstanding experience they’re looking for. 43% of restaurant customers are extremely satisfied by outstanding experiential dining. Create moments that delight customers and exceed their expectations from the moment they enter your lobby

With ScentAir, Restaurants Can Make The Most Of Every Interaction 

Boost Food Quality Satisfaction Scores up to 8%, positively influence customer perceptions with changing the food served   


Increase Foot Traffic 

Strategically draw in customers with a mouthwatering culinary aroma   


Build Anticipation in the Lobby 

Set the tone and keep guest craving your cooking through long waits  


Complete the Look & Feel of Your Restaurant   

Differentiate your space and own every detail of your customer experience   


Create a Comfortable Dining Experience 

Eliminate undesirable building and kitchen odors   


Foster Outstanding Customer Service 

Improve Mood and bypass the challenges of forming fast rapport 


Stand Out from the Competition  

Make your restaurant the obvious first choice  




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