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Security Cameras Designed for your Needs! Why do you need such a system?

According to the FBI, corporate theft or “shrinkage,” as it is commonly referred to in the business community, is the fastest growing crime in the United States. … Nearly 75 percent of employees do it, and the vast majority of discovered theft goes unprosecuted, according to FBI statistics. Security cameras allow local law enforcement to have proof that an individual was the one who purported the crime. When there is a picture it is much easier to find and prosecute!

What does this have to do with you?

When you run your own business, you want to find every way you can to increase your profit. Security cameras are a proven tool for increasing your profits and decreasing your liabilities.

Security Cameras

In today’s world, the fear of getting caught drives human behavior. When a potential thief walks up to an establishment the first thing they look for is security cameras. Security cameras pose a great risk to the would-be thief because there is a chance of getting caught. All that needs to happen is for their face to be seen by one camera and they can be tied to the theft.

Monitoring stations

Monitor your business from anywhere

This type of fear doesn’t only exist in the passer-by or the professional thief, it works with employees as well. When an employee is left alone with a cash register the temptation to take what they feel they deserve out of the register comes to mind. The thought of no one being around to see the theft is intriguing but a well-placed security camera system can prevent that simple temptation from becoming a reality.

Muzicraft offers solutions that work for your budget and your lifestyle.  Purchase or lease your system and even monitor it yourself from your personal cellphone or computer.  We design, provide equipment, and install a system custom to YOUR business needs.   Call or email us for a free onsite design visit!



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