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What is Digital Signage?

What is Digital Signage?


This revolutionary technology displays digital video content or digital images on a screen. Digital Signage creates incredible flexibility and has the potential to upgrade the look, feel, and effectiveness of your business.

Here are 5 reasons why Digital Signage is right for you.


1. It grabs attention


In today’s world, screens dominate our time. We have programmed our brains to prioritize screens. When someone enters your business, and you want to tear them away from their phones, you need another screen to catch their eye. Digital signage can actually divert people from their phones. IT informs and grabs the attention of customers and employees in a way that traditional signage cannot.


2. It can be used in ALL industries


Chart to show how different industries use signage

When most people think of Digital Signage, they think of retail or fast-food restaurants. However, the capability of Digital signage can assist all industries. In Hospitality, it can be used to update your availability quickly, train employees, advertise specials, and give your establishment a high-end and technologically advanced vibe. With property management, it can create interactive maps, communicate real-time information and advertising. It can send company-wide information, grab the attention of a potential customer, advertise limited sales, promote local causes, and so much more. The future of signage is here! See how these industries have used it.


3. It can adapt to changing regulations


Example of a custom menu

Over the past year, we have all struggled to keep up with the latest regulations from our local governments. Instead of creating a new sign every few weeks, do everything with digital signage. From stating mask policies and social distancing to capacity restrictions, be able to communicate with your employees and guests efficiently with digital signage. Never have to worry about sending an employee to the print shop at midnight to create a new banner, just flip the switch on your computer and rest easy.


4. It reduces costs


Temporary Signage

On the topic of creating new signs, when you want to make a change in your company, there is always a discussion on the cost of changing signage. Sometimes you spend all this money and the print shop makes a spelling error, or the color is off. Say goodbye to those worries with digital signage. Whether it is changing the menu or the services provided at your spa, all you have to do is create the change on your digital signage and instantly your new product or service is in front of customers.


5. It is the New Standard


Examples of how Digital Signage is used everywhere

Have you noticed the companies around you are starting to get digital signage? When you stand in line at your local fast-food restaurant or walk through your favorite mall it is there. Those companies that have already upgraded are seen as modern and efficient. Don’t lose business simply because your signage makes it seem like you are on the way out rather than keeping up with the standards.


We can help

With our 60 years in the business, we know what it is like to try and keep up with the ever-changing technology. We have spent our time and money upgrading our services to provide the best digital signage in the area. We create, install, and service. Let us help you save money, upgrade your business, increase productivity, and find more customers.



We’ve been crafting audiovisual environments since 1952. Let us help improve your business.

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