September 2, 2022 Mathew

Smell is the Most Powerful Tool you Never Thought of

Smell is the Most Powerful Tool you Never Thought of.

Many organizations have created a poor customer experience without even knowing it. In large part, it’s because of their smell.

Of all the senses, smell is most closely linked with memory and emotion. In fact, people experience up to 70% of their daily emotions because of what they smell. If customers experience a bad smell at a business, it drives down the likelihood they will return.

If your organization hasn’t considered how the atmosphere of your clinic, restaurant or retail store affects people, you’re missing opportunities to improve brand awareness and customer loyalty. That includes the way people perceive your business through the way it smells.

In the California COVID-19 business environment, we smell fear from our customers as they express concern over sharing air space with others. How do we create experiences for our customers while addressing this elephant in the room?

With hundreds of customized scents available to our customers, we are proud to announce the creation of “fresh and clean” scents branded specifically to combat customer fear.

Check out our webinar where our team speaks to the power of scent in creating a positive customer experience.

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