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We’re all familiar with the five basic senses

We’re all familiar with the five basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. The organs associated with each sense delivers vital information to the brain that allows us to perceive the world. In the hospitality industry, your clientele quickly develops lasting impressions from the moment they walk in the door. What they see, hear, touch and smell are in your total control.

With this in mind, here are three reasons why businesses in the hospitality industry should deliver a pleasant scent to customers.

Scent helps frame the consumer experience.
Research tells us that humans can smell more than 1 trillion scents. When your hotel, restaurant or other hospitality business delivers the proper scent, it reinforces your brand message. Imagine for a moment your sense of smell when you enter a local craft brewery or the aromas that waft from a restaurant kitchen. These scents excite patrons and give guests something to talk about and anticipate as they await the arrival of their orders. Indeed, scent marketing (the practice of using a pleasant aroma to enhance brand image) can create long-lasting connections with guests, ultimately enhancing consumer loyalty and increased revenues.

Scent reinforces a sense of “clean.”
Say goodbye to the strong odors of bleach or disinfectant that so many guests find unpleasant. And say hello to a customized scents that reinforce your emphasis on cleanliness. After months of avoiding travel and dining out, consumers are eager to travel and dine at their favorite restaurants. But they also expect the places they visit to take every possible health and safety precaution. When the environment they enter smells clean and fresh, the immediate assumption is that the business is clean – and a safe space for every guest. One study conducted by a popular hotel booking site found that 71% of guests expect “above average” cleanliness ratings when choosing the hotel where they stay. By creating an environment that smells fresh will help guests feel comfortable doing business with you.

Scents create long-lasting (and pleasant) memories.
There’s a home-seller’s trick that entails baking chocolate chip cookies or a loaf of home-made bread just before a potential buyer is scheduled to view the home. Why? Because the smell of baked goods in the home can influence the buyer’s decision making. That scent jostles memories of helping mom in the kitchen, which makes the home more appealing to the buyer. Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses can also benefit from delivering pleasant scents to their customers. A pleasant (or foul) scent floats through the nose and into the olfactory bulbs of the brain. There it gets transmitted to the amygdala where emotion is processed. Then it travels to the hippocampus where learning and memory formation happens. Scent is the only sensation that has a direct path to both emotion and memory centers of the brain. It only makes sense (pun intended) to deliver pleasant scents to your customers that they will remember long into the future.

The experience your customers have each time they enter your business helps determine if they become repeat customers as well as referring consumers. ScentAir was created to improve each interaction you have with a customer. Using commercial-grade fragrances that diffuse throughout the day, a hotel or restaurant can deliver an immersive, memorable and pleasant experience.

How can ScentAir help you? Let the onsite programming experts at Muzicraft Sound Engineering make sure your business has the right scent at the right time. You can even provide customers with different scents during different times of the day (day parting). We customize to your needs!

Prices range from just $89 -$200.00 a month, including unit, day parting, maintenance and service. Call us today for a free appointment to customize your brand by SCENT! – 805 981-9031. Contact us

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